Jan 16, 2014

JAX2013 Conference / Writing / Recording

JAX2013 Conference / Writing / Recording

Although I'm remiss in posting frequently, do not mistake my tardiness of mentioning the JAX2013 for lack of caring.  Man oh man, we had a blast.  I had the pleasure of playing with some incredible musicians and friends from Mission Athens Music (@mathensmusic), as well as some folks I met on this trip.  This included my first experience of playing bass for hip hop/rap, which was a quality jam with Swoope (@mrswoope).

JAX2013 is a Campus Outreach event that takes place between Christmas and New Year's every year.  And while I never attended, a number of my college friends went and loved it.  It did not disappoint.  Jacksonville is a great town, and making music with great guys and gals is one of my favorite things to do.

Coming out of that experience, my good friend Slade Adams (who played violin and guitar at my wedding - HEY I got married in December) and I decided we needed to play music together more often.  We've begun the timeless art of sending GarageBand mp3s and chord charts back and forth via email.  I'm excited to see where this leads.

Ideally, Mission Athens Music will be recording some demos in March, as well as finishing the broad strokes on some new tunes in the mean time.

- @thejustmann