Feb 18, 2012

In the Studio...

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter links I posted last month!  Those have both been funded and it's pretty exciting... I'll be in Athens this coming week and weekend to play with John French and the Bastilles at the Melting Point on February 23rd. We're opening for our friend Emily Hearn. I'm staying in town afterwards to record The Bastilles stuff with Paul Reeves at Domus Sound all day Friday.  I've worked with Paul before with Lauren St. Jane and the Dead Westerns, and I couldn't possibly be more psyched to work with him again.

The following weekend, I'm gonna be recording again, this time with Mission Athens Music and Aaron Slaten.  We're gonna be doing the whole mobile studio situation and recording at a lake house in north Georgia.  Brian T. Murphy of Red Mountain Church will be producing and possibly laying down some excellent keyboard parts as well.

All in all, a pretty exciting couple weeks for @thejustmann. (Follow me on tha twitter.)