Sep 5, 2014

Rivers & Robots: Focus Where It Belongs


When Bob Dylan sang of his relationship with Christ, he not only dwelled on his interpersonal connection with Jesus, but proclaimed truth through Bible stories. Songs like “Man Gave Names to All the Animals” and “In The Garden” both act as 20th century catechism. Truth is truth. Why do so few CCM artists follow this example? There are very few groups / songwriters who use the lyrical venue to teach Bible stories or ideas. All songs we sing focus on what Christ has done for “us” or “me”. While important, God is worth singing to and about simply because of who He is. His identity is enough. Rather than turning the attention to ourselves in song, all of our being should turn to God.

Where am I going with this? Rivers & Robots’ album Take Everything places its attention squarely on the Creator. While I am not unpacking this entire album, I’d encourage you to investigate it. With song titles like “Uncreated One”, “The Bridegroom”, and “The Judge”, Rivers and Robots does not succumb to the easy habit of focusing on self in worship songs. Mixing vocal delay effects with very tasteful instrumentations, Take Everything drives the listener to the foot of the Creator.

I will be reviewing Rivers & Robots’ newest album, All Things New, in the near future, but I wanted to give the 30,000 foot overview of Take Everything first. It is phenomenal. Please look it up.

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